“Riveting images” are original photographs shot in Europe and the U.S. of architectural details and artifacts that reflect cultures as old as 800 years. The metallic photographic prints reveal a depth and slight color saturation that capture the viewer and tell a story.

“Riveting notes” link some of these photographs with contemporary text to help you express yourself. These litho printed cards are original creations of thoughts, pictures and even some recipes. But they’re not your mother’s “greeting cards”!

ripple effect

We believe in entrepreneurs and their ability to transform themselves and their communities. Such success ripples through local economies to enrich our neighbors’ lives and livelihoods. Just as the women who developed these cards are working from their homes to achieve success, so too are many others who may have less. We want to share what we achieve and receive and link our success to theirs.

A portion of each card’s profits will be donated to organizations providing micro loans to less advantaged women starting businesses from their homes.

We also want to protect and sustain our environmental resources.  Our printer uses FSC certified (well-managed sustainable forestry) paper products and is a certified member of the Rainforest Alliance.