“Riveting images” are original photographs shot in Europe and the U.S. of architectural details and artifacts that reflect cultures as old as 800 years. The metallic photographic prints reveal a depth and slight color saturation that capture the viewer and tell a story.

“Riveting notes” link some of these photographs with contemporary text to help you express yourself. These litho printed cards are original creations of thought, picture and even some recipes. But they’re not your mother’s “greeting cards”!


My architectural art photographs shot in Europe and the U.S. tell a story about the hands that shaped the details.  By ‘freeze framing’ these details we can pause to explore and ponder the cultural values they reveal. The metallic print process I use provides depth and color saturation as if you are there too.  These prints will take you far afield, yet prompt unexpected connections to your own backyard.

Transforming feelings into words can be hard.  All of us want to reach out to our family and friends who need our help or love.  Support and Sympathy are not easy to put into pictures or words.  But hey – that’s why we’re doing it – to give you a hand.

Riveting Notes embrace complex emotions to close the gap between thoughts and expression.  The goal is to give you a head start on what you want to say. It takes 10 seconds to view a card and your time is short.  In that 10 seconds, I want to connect you with a picture and words that meet the needs of those you care about.

Architecture talks!

Art Photographer, Designer, Writer