“Riveting images” are original photographs shot in Europe and the U.S. of architectural details and artifacts that reflect cultures as old as 800 years. The metallic photographic prints reveal a depth and slight color saturation that capture the viewer and tell a story.

“Riveting notes” link some of these photographs with contemporary text to help you express yourself. These litho printed cards are original creations of thought, picture and even some recipes. But they’re not your mother’s “greeting cards”!

metallic photographs

The photographs I shot in Europe and early America reflect cultures as old as 800 years. The metallic print process I use saturates color slightly and adds a third dimension to draw in the viewer. Metallic archival prints hung in limited ambient sunlight endure 100 years or longer without fading. All of my prints are limited edition (29), titled, numbered and signed. All of my work is copyrighted and trademarked to protect the purchaser and the integrity of the artwork.

My interest in architectural details and cultural artifacts stems from my background in Anthropology and Sociology (B.A.), urban planning work (Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning), and my legal career (J.D.) resolving economic disputes between people, natural resources and mining industries. The key to resolution is understanding the cultural values and economic stakes revealed in the process.

Enjoy the time you spend getting to know the architecture and the back stories.

Prints have copyright and trademark label plus short Artist Bio on reverse side.
16 x 20 Single Mat, Mounted Metallic print $ 140
16 x 20 Double Mat, Mounted Metallic print $ 145
Fed Ex shipping $ 10.
Please contact Artist for larger size, ordering, and "back stories".


Christ Church, 1756

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